Peer-reviewed publications

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2015 and previous

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Book chapters

  • Hermoso, V., Morán-Ordóñez, A., and Brotons, L. (2019) The role of Natura 2000 at maintaining dynamic landscapes in Europe over the last two decades: implications for conservation (Chapter 30). In: Müller, L. andEulenstein, F. (Eds). Current trends in landscape research. pp. 665-680. Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-30069-2.
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Scientific/technical reports

Other publications

  • Morán-Ordóñez, A. (2017) Usando el conocimiento actual, ¿podemos predecir con acierto dónde y cómo estarán las especies en las próximas décadas?. Decision Point (versión Español #E03), 22-23. (pdf)
  • Morán-Ordóñez, A. (2016)  Developing the Northern Savannas. Trade-offs between biodiversity, carbon and agricultural development.  Decision Point, 97, 14. (pdf)
  • Morán-Ordóñez, A. (2012). Spatio-temporal modelling of services provided by the diversity of shrub and heath communities in the Cantabrian Mountains (NW Spain). Effects of socio-economic changes at different scales. PhD Thesis.