I am an environmental scientist with strong interests in nature conservation and management. I’m currently a Research Fellow at the CREAF where I work with Dr. Lluís Brotons and other colleagues from the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology lab  and the ICO on evaluating the impacts of global change on biodiversity and ecosystem services linked to Mediterranean ecosystems.


My research focuses on understanding the ecological and anthropogenic factors explaining landscape patterns and the interactions among them. Although I have a weakness for mountain systems and alpine environments, I’m keen to learn about any ecological system, their conservation problems and how quantitative landscape ecology tools can help us understand these systems and contribute to their conservation.

Things I am interested in (research): landscape ecology, global change impacts, socio-ecological systems, cultural landscapes, ecosystem services, protected areas, applied conservation.

Other things I love to do when I am not doing research: cycling, cooking, trekking, reading (lots of reading), swimming, nature observation and photography, painting, going out with friends for “tapas & cañas” and to concerts, travelling and having naps in the beach (although this doesn´t happen as often as I would like!).

Please, check my blog-in-progress to know more about my background, research interests and outcomes!

Contact e-mail: alejandra.moran [at] ctfc.cat; a.moran [at] creaf.uab.cat